Milling & Drilling

Milling machines are used to horizontally or vertically to machine many materials. A mill cuts a thin layer of the material and repeats its steps, making a number of passes until the desired depth is reached. Along with the actual cutter, the work piece moves so they are working against each other. Milling can be done manually, mechanically automated or fully automated using a computer numerical control (CNC).

Kadco maintains an array of state-of-the art CNC and manual milling machines to meet our customer's requirements for quality and turnaround time. Milling with diamond tooling requires unique procedures Kadco has developed over many years.

Kadco applies its milling expertise to intricate shaping of virtually any machinable hard material.This includes typical engineering ceramics such as metal oxides, carbides and nitrides, as well as glasses and composite structures. Kadco's experienced personnel and precision milling equipment are constantly producing the complicated shapes designed by CAD engineers. With our large inventory of diamond tooling and in house design capabilities, we can rapidly respond to your requirements for accurate thru holes, programmed contours, and precision surface finishes.